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Advertise with Estuary TV

Television is the most effective and creative way to reach local audiences. People engage with television more than any other medium and consume on average four hours per day.

Who Are Estuary TV?

Estuary TV is a not for profit commercial broadcaster focusing on community, with a unique role in the training of young people across Northern Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire. We’re all about the people and places of the local area, and that includes providing a platform to promote your business on TV; targeting the right audience at the right price. We broadcast and produce shows dedicated to the region, local news and current affairs, plus movies, entertainment, sport and more.

The Estuary Audience

Estuary TV broadcasts on Freeview Channel 7 and Virgin Media 159, to 350,000 homes across northern Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire, from Skegness to Bridlington. Independent viewing figures supplied by BARB, show that

Homes view Estuary TV each week
Viewers a day*
of Estuary TV’s audience are ABC1’s

Talk to our Viewers

Why it Works

Provides instant credibility for your brand (viewers trust TV advertisers)

Sound, sight, and movement provide a stimulus compared to print and radio ads

Reach your audience when they are paying attention the most

TV brings your message to life and gives you a return on investment that can’t be matched by any other medium. Whether your goal is to build brand awareness, maintain brand reputation, or to drive direct response, Estuary TV can help you achieve your ambitions.

“TV advertising £ for £ has the highest return on investment compared to any other platform” (Source: Ubiquity, ‘Payback 4’,2014)

Advertorial Package

Advertorials educate and entertain viewers in order to promote your business. Advertorials are longer duration adverts produced and filmed to look like tv programmes.

Advertising Package

Estuary TV can produce a broadcast quality advert for you or offer airtime only packages to suit your needs.

Stakeholder Advertising Package

As a Stakeholder Advertiser you can aim directly at your target market by securing a slot in every break.

Product Placement

You can have your product and/or brand integrated into a show along with a fully branded sequence in the closing titles.


Sponsorship generates fame and awareness, ensures high frequency of exposure and connects your brand with the content and values of the shows.

Advertiser Funded Programmes (AFP)

Estuary TV’s highly professional production team can work with you to develop branded programmes that engage and entertain your target audience.