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Television is the most effective and creative way to reach local audiences. People engage with television more than any other medium and consume on average four hours per day.

We can offer your organisation a number of different, and exciting opportunities for you to engage with a local audience using television as a springboard for a number of outlets – through Freeview Channel 8, Virgin Media 159, at and in combination with your own outlets; it can be a powerful way to promote your brand and products.

The possibilities with local TV are endless, but here are a few ideas:


credit bumpers at the start and end of each programme section – this is probably the best way to get your brand noticed by viewers. PROGRAMMES, SERIES or even CHANNEL SPONSORSHIP are available

For longer running and low cost sponsorship, SPOTS & FEATURES, such as the WEATHER will give you a high profile across the channel.

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Product Placement & Branded Content

where brands and/or products appear within programmes –
This is a great way of getting products seen and used within programmes.

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these can be featured with your products as prizes.

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Website, Digital, Off-Air, Events, & Social Media

don’t forget, there are opportunities associated with the channel, not just on it. Talk to us to find out more.

There are CROWD FUNDING opportunities too.

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Advertise with Estuary TV

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