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Stakeholder Advertising

As a Stakeholder Advertiser you can aim directly at your target market by securing a slot in every break, around some of our most popular programmes. Concentrating your ad broadcasts in this way lets viewers think you are a major advertiser and ensures your ad is noticed.

Stakeholder ads are guaranteed to appear in the breaks before, during and after each episode, and are only available to a maximum of 6 Stakeholders per programme. Stakeholder ads are ‘locked’ to the programme and air with each new episode and all subsequent repeats throughout the week, typically broadcasting twice a day.

Talk to your Account Manager about which current and upcoming programmes are aimed at your target market and Stakeholder availability. At any one time you’ll find programmes covering:

Sports, Entertainment and Leisure, Health and Fitness, Homeowners, Arts and Culture, Food and History.


How much does it cost?

Stakeholder advertising is typically available on a minimum 6 week run. Limited to a maximum of 6 x 30 second adverts per break.

Episode LengthAd Breaks Per EpisodeSpots Per Week (incl. repeats)Spots Per Run (6 Weeks)Cost Per EpisodeCost Per SpotCampaign Cost
1 hour570420£300£4.30£1,800
30 Mins342252£200£4.75£1,200

Other Advertising Opportunities

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